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Our Lamination Sheets are the perfect solution for protecting and enhancing your documents and printed materials. Made from high-quality lamination sheets, these sheets provide a durable and clear protective layer. With their excellent clarity and transparency, our LD Lamination Sheets ensure optimal visibility and readability of your important papers. They are designed to resist tears, scratches, and stains, preserving the integrity of your documents for long-term use.Ideal for a wide range of applications, our LD Lamination Sheets can be used for laminating ID cards, photographs, menus, signage, and more. They offer a professional and polished finish, enhancing the appearance and durability of your printed materials.

At Ashutosh Polymers, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our LD Lamination Sheets are carefully crafted to deliver exceptional performance and reliable protection for your valuable documents. Choose Sunrise Packs as your trusted supplier for all your lamination needs.

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LAMINATION SHEET features and applications:
Water-resistance: Water-resistant LD ideal for food, industrial packaging, moisture resistance.
Durability: Durable LD sheets withstand moisture, heat, cold; versatile for outdoor use.
Flexibility: Flexible LD sheets versatile for various shapes, sizes, applications.
Cost-effectiveness: Cost-effective LD sheets versatile for packaging, signage, graphics.
LAMINATION SHEETs are used in a variety of applications, including:
Food packaging: It is water-resistant and can be used to create a barrier between food and moisture.
Industrial packaging: it is a industrial , pharmaceuticals packaging and other products that required a moisture barrier.
Signage and graphics: Durable LDPE sheets weather-resistant signage, laminate diverse materials.
Construction: LDPE sheets construction lining, tank/pipes, greenhouses, structures.