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Our LD Film offers versatile and reliable packaging solutions. Made from high-quality LD (Low-Density) polyethylene, this film provides excellent strength and durability for various applications.With its exceptional clarity and flexibility, our LD Film ensures easy wrapping and packaging of different products. It is suitable for packaging food, industrial goods, and more.The eco-friendly nature of our LD Film makes it a sustainable choice, reducing environmental impact. It is recyclable and contributes to greener packaging practices.

Available in a range of sizes, our LD Film can be customized to suit your specific packaging needs, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.At Ashutosh Polymers, we prioritize quality and eco-conscious solutions. Choose our LD Film for premium packaging that protects your products and the environment.

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LD Film features and applications:
Industrial: It is used in a variety of industrial applications, such as manufacturing, transportation, and packaging.
Agricultural: It is used in agricultural applications, such as mulching and greenhouses.
Medical: It is used in medical applications, such as wound dressings and surgical drapes.
LD Films are used in a variety of places, including:
Shrink wrap: It can be heat-shrunk to create a tight seal around products.
Bags: It is used to make bags for food products,candy bags, grocery bags, trash bags, and shopping bags.
Liners: This helps to protect the surface from moisture and dirt.
Construction: It is used in construction applications, such as roofing , to make plastic pipes and other components.